08 Aug 2024


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Stirling Business Centre, Perth
Stirling Business Centre, 45 Delawney Street, Balcatta WA 6021
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I-IRT Introduction to Thermography

I-IRT Introduction to Thermography (Perth)

Program Overview

Infrared Thermography analysis of radiant thermal energy (heat) emitted from surfaces, enables the early detection of faults in areas including electrical, mechanical, heavy mobile equipment, process and civil applications and is a critical tool in predictive maintenance programs.

There is much more to Infrared Radiation and Thermography than meets the eye. The I-IRT course is a 1-day classroom based introductory training course, that provides participants with awareness in key foundational areas of Infrared Thermography and its applications, in everyday language. Infrared Thermographic monitoring and inspection tasks, qualitative or quantitative, are only effective in detecting and assessing problems, avoiding common measurement and interpretation errors, and reducing risk, when personnel are aware, then properly trained to the level appropriate to the role(s) and objectives. This should include Awareness and/or ISO 18436 TCAT 1 Competency Based Training. The ISO 18436 Level 1 (TCAT 1) body of knowledge. Training and Certification programs are recommended as next steps for progressive, hands-on, competency-based, internationally recognised training and certification in Infrared Thermography.

Course Trainer

Our course trainer Bassim (Baz) Ismail has over 30 years of industry consulting and training experience in predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring technologies including vibration analysis, infrared thermography, lubrication management and analysis, sound and ultrasound. The ISO 18436 Accredited TCAT courses in Condition Monitoring were introduced into Australia well over a decade ago by Baz. Having successfully trained and accredited thousands of industry delegates in Australia, maintaining excellent feedback and success rates

Who Should Attend
  • IR Thermography data collection personnel
  • Anyone new to Thermography
  • Condition Monitoring Personnel
  • Facility Technicians
  • Maintenance & reliability personnel
  • Electrical technicians and engineers
  • Operators, supervisors, and engineers
  • Heavy mobile equipment personnel
  • Those considering a thermal imager
  • Those working toward an ISO 18436 Level 1 (TCAT 1)
Learning Outcomes
Gain awareness and a better understanding of:
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Temperature & Heat
  • Heat Transfer Mechanisms
  • Infrared Energy and How it Behaves
  • Basic Infrared Theory
  • Infrared Camera Parameters and Settings
  • Applied Thermography for CM
  • Preventing Poor Data
  • Collecting Better Images
  • The all-too-Common Mistakes
  • Measurement of Temperatures
  • Applications of Thermography
  • ISO 18436 Training & Certification


Topics Include
  • Condition Monitoring & Thermography
  • What is Temperature and Heat
  • Heat Transfer Mechanisms
  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • The Physics of Infrared Radiation
  • Infrared Energy and “Objects of Interest”
  • Infrared Cameras, What’s the Difference?
  • Camera Settings, are they Important?
  • Range, Level and Span of an Image
  • Emissivity, Reflectivity, Transmissivity
  • Black bodies, Grey bodies, Real bodies
  • Does it Matter Where or When I Take Images?
  • Qualitative versus Quantitative Thermography
  • The Elements of Taking Good Images
  • Applications of Thermography
  • Complementary Condition Monitoring Technologies

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I-IRT Introduction to Infrared Thermography (Perth)
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