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TCAT 1- Infrared Thermography

TCAT 1 – Thermography ISO Category 1 (Perth)

Program Overview

ISO TCAT 1 – Infrared Thermography (ISO 18436)

Infrared Thermography analysis of radiant thermal energy (heat) emitted from surfaces enables the early detection of faults in electrical, mechanical (fixed plant and HME) and civil applications and is a critical tool in predictive maintenance programs.

ICM Training Solutions’ internationally recognised training includes practical exercises and provides the necessary skills and competency to measure and assess fault conditions.

The TCAT 1 certification ensures personnel are qualified to perform infrared thermography measurements according to established and recognised procedures.

The TCAT 1 qualification is a precursor to the TCAT 2 training for those wanting to develop further skills in analysis and corrective action recommendations.

ICM Training Solutions’ TCAT 1 Thermography courses comply with International Standards ISO 18436-1, ISO 18436-3, ISO 18436-7, ISO/IEC 17024, ASNT SNT TC 1A and offer optional certification by the Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (AINDT).

Certification provides participants with an internationally recognised qualification.

Who Should Attend
  • IR Thermography data collection personnel
  • Anyone new to Thermography monitoring
  • Condition monitoring personnel
  • Facility technicians
  • Maintenance & reliability personnel
  • Operators, supervisors and engineers
  • Condition monitoring programmes
  • Introduction to Thermography
  • Heat transfer & thermal radiation
  • IR equipment operations
  • Temperature measurement
  • Qualitative vs quantitative
  • Resolution
  • Applications and reports
  • Standards and codes
Learning Outcomes
  • Apply measurement techniques
  • Set up and operate equipment
  • Collect thermographic data
  • Verify calibration & integrity of data
  • Perform basic IR thermography
  • Prevent, minimise and control poor data
  • Maintain a database of results & trends
  • Perform basic fault detection severity in accordance with established instructions
  • Perform basic image post processing
  • Evaluate and report test results

Course Outline

Introduction to Thermography
  • General overview of the use of Infrared Thermography
  • Course logistics and curriculum outline
  • Trainer and student introductions
  • Understanding Certification and requirements
Basic Infrared/Thermal Physics
  • The Basic Physics of Matter
    • Matter – Definition and basic principles
    • Energy – Definition and basic principles
  • Heat and Temperature
    • What is it, and how it is it measured/expressed
    • Basic relation of heat, temperature, and energy
  • Heat Transfer
    • Conduction Fundamentals
      • Fouriers’s Law (concept)
      • Conductivity and resistance basics
      • Practical application of conductivity in thermography
    • Convection Fundamentals
      • Newtons Law of cooling
      • Practical application of convection in thermography
    • Radiation Fundamentals
      • The Electromagnetic Spectrum
      • Plank’s Law
      • Wien’s Law
      • Stephan Boltzmann Law
Radiosity Concepts
  • Reflection, transmission, emission
  • Radiometry and imaging
  • Spatial resolution concepts

Infrared Equipment Operation

  • How your infrared imager works
  • Equipment overview and features
  • Operation of equipment
    • Controls
    • Lenses
  • Capturing a good image
    • Clarity (focus)
    • Thermal focus
    • Dynamic Range
  • Recognising and dealing with reflections
  • Recognising and dealing with convection
Temperature Measurement
  • Measurement functions
  • Performing accurate temperature measurements
  • Performing emissivity measurements
  • Avoiding errors
    • Spot size
    • Distance
    • Atmospheric attenuation
The Environment and Support Equipment
  • Environmental data
  • Support equipment for infrared inspections

Safe Working Practices

  • Qualitative vs Quantitative inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • Mechanical inspections – Friction
  • Thermal resistance – insulation & refractory
  • Thermal capacitance – roof moisture surveys
  • Physical state – gas/liquid, liquid/solid
  • Process Inspections
    • Fluid flow
    • Steam
    • Vessel levels
  • Building Inspections
  • Energy Related Inspections
    • Solar panels
    • Cold rooms
Reports and Software
  • Introduction
  • Software programs
  • Generating reports
  • Making templates
  • Image analysis

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TCAT 1 – Thermography ISO Category 1 (Perth)
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