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TCAT 2 – Thermography ISO Category 2 (Virtual)

Program Overview

ISO TCAT 2 – Infrared Thermography (ISO 18436)

Infrared Thermography analysis of radiant thermal energy (heat) emitted from surfaces enables the early detection of faults in electrical, mechanical (fixed plant and HME) and civil applications and is a critical tool in predictive maintenance programs. The effectiveness of these programs depends on the capability of individuals who perform the measurements and analyse the data.

The Category 2 course is designed to increase the knowledge of Category 1 Thermographers to the end that challenges such as active infrared applications may be met. The course looks at infrared radiation from a quantitative view to help determine the value of remedial action taken as a result of Thermographic findings. It follows the recommended training requirements of ISO 18436-7 for Category II Thermal/Infrared Certification. The course applies a good mixture of audio, visual, and kinetic presentation material to help enable all types of learners to benefit from the material presented.

Who Should Attend
  • Category 1 Certified Thermographers seeking ISO 18436 Category 2 Certification
  • IR Thermography personnel
  • Condition monitoring personnel
  • Facility technicians
  • Maintenance & reliability personnel
  • Operators, supervisors and engineers
  • The nature of heat and temperature
  • Principals of infrared technology
  • Advanced use of IR cameras
  • Environmental data and image evaluation
  • CM methodologies and procedures
  • Safe thermal imaging
  • IR theory for electrical application
  • Codes and standards
  • Image interpretation and reporting
  • Fault analysis and corrective actions
Learning Outcomes
  • Perform and/or direct IRT analysis to recognized procedures
  • Select the appropriate IRT technique and understand the limitations
  • Specify the appropriate hardware and software systems
  • Measure and analyse thermographic data
  • Advanced image processing and diagnosis
  • Apply IRT theory and techniques, including measurement and interpretation of results
  • Report on condition, recommend corrective action and evaluate effectiveness of repairs
  • Provide technical direction for personnel at or below Category 2
  • Supervise and instruct Category 1 duties
  • Establish IRT programs, acceptance, and severity criteria for new/in-service systems
  • Recommend alternative CM technologies
  • Infrared Thermography Camera (preferably with USB or Wi-Fi connected to PC or Laptop)
  • Polished Stainless Steel Kettle
  • Electrical Tape
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Web Camera/Phone Camera for Live Presentation

Course Outline

Introduction to Thermography
  • General overview of the use of Infrared Thermography
  • Course logistics and curriculum outline
  • Trainer and student introductions
  • Understanding Certification and requirements
Intermediate Thermal/Infrared Physics
  • Matter, Energy, Heat and Temperature
    • Basic atomic structure
      • States of matter
      • Bonding of molecules
    • Forms of energy
      • Definition and basic explanation
      • The Kinetic Molecular Theory
  • Three Modes of Heat Transfer
    •  Conduction
      • Fourier’s law: concepts & calculations
      • Thermal resistance
      • Transient conduction: concepts & calculations
    • Convection
      • Newton’s Law of Cooling
    • Radiation
      • Stephan-Boltzmann formula
      • Concepts & calculations
      • Real world applications
      • Dollars and cents calculations of remedial action
The Infared Spectrum
  • Planks Law / curves
  • Spectral Emittance of Real Surfaces
  • Semitransparent Windows and Filters

Radiosity Principles

  • Blackbodies – theory /concepts
  • Emissivity concepts
    • specular and diffuse emitters
    • Lambertian emitters – angular sensitivity – effects of emittance v errors
    • Emissivity calculations
  • Reflectivity concepts
    • quantifying effects of reflection
    • theoretical corrections
  • Transmissivity Concepts
    • quantifying partial transmittance
    • theoretical corrections
Resolution Test & Calculations
  • FOV , IFOV and IMFOV
    • measurements & calculations
    • SRF (Square Response Function Test)
    • Resolution vs Lens and Distance

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TCAT 2 – Thermography ISO Category 2 (Virtual)
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